About Us

Welcome to SAI ANGELS Group of schools & Colleges, We aim to provide excellent education to all our students, Our Distinctive aim is to provide world class education to the learners at the elementary, secondary & College level. Hence we are on a constant endeavor to create a high quality learning environment that is innovative challenging & for enterprising Students, We also create both literary & Cultural excellence in every student’s academic career

Our School & college is a co-education programme & It embraces students from all walks of life with Varied backgrounds. It works with close partnership with students & parents, Develop their individual potential for life & work. Our Institute offers Pre Primary, Primary, Higher Primary, High school & Secondary Schooling (Pre University). We offer early learning to professional certification, providing a blend of academic, Sporting, Cultural & artistic activities in a high activity environment. We Impart quality education where they are exposed to the best global practices by way of structured program robust curriculum, unique pedagogy with innovative smart class, Sameep, Spandana, Samshodhan, Talking tree & Magik Mat activity.

BALVIKAS FOR LOKAVIKAS is the concept adapted at our school & college, This helps them to acquire the skills set desired to help them emerge as global citizens. The process is guided as per the guidelines of our beloved Guru Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He designed the system of education to value based Integral education, there is a deep inner transformation that takes place. This concept is Very Unique to inculcate ethical and moral values in students.

Our vision is to empower the learners through quality education and to infuse them with a sense of academic inquisitiveness, social responsibility and rational outlook, so that they meet the dynamic needs of corporate culture / Ecosystem & global trends with Human Values.

We are actually aware of the educational trends from ancient Indus Valley Civilization to contemporary Silicon Valley corridors. 

  • We offer multi disciplinary programmes to bring out the leadership qualities of the learners and to fine tune them.
  • To blend the traditional Teacher- learner face to face communication with the futuristic digital learning methods that defy Time – space constraints.
  • To facilitate the learner to sail through the demanding curriculum with ease and passion.
  • To disseminate knowledge through the most exciting & innovative Pedagogy by creating a conducive academic atmosphere, where LEARNING BECOMES A CELEBRATION & the empowerment of learners become a way of life at SAI schools & colleges.
  • Implementing Sri Sathya Sai Vidyavahini Programme (Cenral Trust Puttaparthi) in True spirit